Changes to mtools#

version 1.6.4#

  • mlaunch: Fix psutil 5.7.0 issue on Windows 10 (#810)

  • mlaunch: Wait for each RS to elect a primary (#790)

  • mloginfo: Fix –clients misses old nodejs clients (#808)

  • mloginfo: Fix –clients misses driver connections with embedded quotes (#803)

  • mloginfo: Fix –queries returns impossible 95%-ile (#791)

  • mlogvis: Update link to d3js to be protocol-less (#797)

  • Add freetype to testing prerequisites (#800)

Thanks to @stennie, @p, @kallimachos, @sindbach, @kevinadi, and @borsucok for contributions to this release.

version 1.6.3#

  • Require minimum of Python 3.6 in (#778)

Thanks to @stennie and @sindbach for contributions to this release.

version 1.6.2#

  • Update documentation to reference pip3 instead of pip (#774)

  • Document SSL parameters to mlaunch on website (#666)

  • Fix JSON serialize crash with bytes instead of str in (#764)

  • mlaunch: mlaunch list throws typeError for a sharded deployment (#770)

  • mlaunch: Remove deprecated –sslWeakCertificateValidation

  • mloginfo: Add new –sharding section (#773)

  • mloginfo: Add –debug with some extra info on query patterns

  • mloginfo: Fix –verbose crash (#769)

  • mtransfer: Initial implementation of tool to export WiredTiger DBs (#754)

Thanks to @stennie, @michaelcahill, @Giuliano-C, @bugre, and @sindbach for contributions to this release.

version 1.6.1#

  • mtools should use python3 in shebangs (#761)

  • mloginfo: add timezone to mloginfo summary (#258)

  • mloginfo –clients: more robust parsing of client metadata (#765)

  • mloginfo –queries: fix missing patterns for remove command (#742)

  • mloginfo –queries: add rounding option (#698)

  • mplotqueries: fix error parsing checkpoint log line (#757)

Thanks to @stennie, @kallimachos, @kevinadi, @niccottrell, and @p-mongo for contributions to this release.

version 1.6.0#

Now supporting Python 3.6+ (only)

  • Add support for Python 3.7 and 3.8

  • Remove support for Python 2.7

  • Update requirements to modern package versions

  • Require minimum dependency versions rather than exact

  • mlaunch: mlaunch with no options should show –help (#749)

  • mlaunch: Fix –storageEngine confusingly reported as ignored in sharded deployments (#730)

  • mlaunch: Fix unquoted –wiredTigerEngineConfigString parameter (#683)

  • mloginfo: mloginfo with no options should show usage info (#751)

  • mloginfo: Fix for –queries gives AttributeError if there is a field called “query” in the log (#741)

  • mloginfo: Fix –queries gives TypeError for some logs (#697)

  • mloginfo: Add –checkpoints to show slow WiredTiger checkpoints if available (#707)

  • mloginfo: Improve –queries to show allowDiskUse for aggregations if available (#708)

  • mloginfo: Add –clients to show client summary info (#540)

  • mloginfo: Add –cursors to show cursor information if available (#710)

  • mloginfo: Add –storagestats to display storage statistics (#711)

  • mloginfo: Add –transactions to display slow transactions if available (#704)

  • mloginfo: Include queries without durations in the query count (#680)

  • mplotqueries: Fix –group-limit throws error in Python 3.x (#688)

  • mplotqueries: Add –dns to display slow DNS Resolutions if available (#706)

  • mplotqueries: Add –oplog to display slow oplog entries if available (#705)

  • Update mention of oldest non-EOL MongoDB server version (3.6 as of Jan 2020)

  • util/ Reading log from stdin hits error on str.decode() in Python 3 (#658)

Thanks to @stennie, @kallimachos, @kevinadi, @savinay-vijay, @mitesh-gosavi, @HenryGP, @sindbach, @garycahill, @karlvr, and @josemonteiro for contributions to this release.

version 1.5.3#

  • mlaunch: Quote mongos –logpath (to handle paths with spaces)

  • mlaunch: Permit command line options with “=”

  • mlaunch: Ignore passing unsupported param –wiredTigerCacheSizeGB to mongos

  • mlaunch: Add –wiredTigerEngineConfigString as an undocumented mongod param

  • util/ Add LogEvent support for returning actual query (not pattern)

Thanks to @ajdavis, @renatoriccio, @twblamer, @kevinadi, @sindbach, @kallimachos, and @stennie for contributions to this release.

version 1.5.2#

  • mlaunch: Set appname for MongoDB 3.4+ client metadata

  • mlaunch: Only use roles variable instead of args once set up

  • mlaunch: Fix for –sharded and –auth-role-docs failing to add roles

  • mlaunch: Fix failure to connect to standalone SSL mongod

  • mlaunch: Retain PyMongo import error exceptions

  • mlogfilter: Fix Unicode error for redirected output

  • Improve flake8 style compliance

Thanks to @kevinadi, @p-mongo, @gmishkin, and @stennie for contributions to this release.

version 1.5.1#

  • mlaunch: Fix 1.5.0 regression preventing use of –auth

  • mloginfo: Add support for MongoDB 3.2+ –rsinfo

  • mlogfilter: Fix intermittent test failures

Thanks to @kevinadi, @kallimachos, @sindbach, and @stennie for contributions to this release.

version 1.5.0#

  • Update matplotlib to 1.4.3

  • Update numpy to 1.14.5

  • Update python-dateutil to 2.7

  • Update pymongo to 3.6.1

  • Pin requirements to avoid pulling in breaking changes

  • Ignore “new oplog query” log entries for query duration parsing

  • Replace characters that can’t be UTF decoded with ‘?’

  • Fix logic error preventing parsing of empty or unexpected log lines

  • mplotqueries: Report actual error when matplotlib import fails

  • mlaunch: If mongod is missing, print the path that was used

  • mlaunch: Add support for GSSAPI

  • mlaunch: Add users to all shards in sharded cluster

  • mlogvis: Remove write lock and read lock grouping

Thanks to @kevinadi, @jamesbroadhead, @mathom, @kallimachos, @sindbach, and @stennie for contributions to this release!

version 1.4.1#

  • mlaunch: Fixes for Python 3.6.5 support (#596, #586)

  • Include sys.version in –version output (#597)

  • Migrate wiki pages to gh-pages and RST (#550, #550)

Thanks to @kallimachos, @sindbach, @kevinadi, @manfontan, and @stennie for contributions to this release!

version 1.4.0#

  • Improve testing and documentation infrastructure (#542)
    • Add tox (#543)

    • Fix flake8 violations (#544)

    • Fix isort violations (#545)

    • Fix PEP 257 violations (#546)

    • Add RST documentation (#548)

  • Make code compatible with both Python 2.7 and 3.6 (#527)
    • Add py36 environment for tox & Travis (#587)

  • mlaunch: Error while creating replica set with name and auth args (#476)

  • mlaunch: Testing for MongoDB 3.6 (#531)

  • mlaunch: Using –hostname causes deploying failure in 3.6 (#554)

  • mlaunch: psutil dependency missing (#557)

  • mlaunch: Require shard servers to be replica sets (3.6.1+) (#567)

  • mlaunch: Force mlaunch –csrs when “version” is 0.0.0 (#576)

  • mlaunch: Create user with SCRAM-SHA-1 mechanism (#574)

  • mlaunch: Allow starting 3.6 clusters with PyMongo 3.6.1 (#575)

  • mlaunch: Use correct path separator according to OS (#584)

  • mlaunch: Support path parameters containing spaces (#578)

  • mlaunch: Update psutil requirement to 5.4.2 (#590)

  • mloginfo: Test using current year rather than hardcoded value (#568)

Thanks to @kallimachos, @kevinadi, @sindbach, @ajdavis, @jaraco, @devkev, @stephentunney, @shaneharvey, and @stennie for contributions to this release!

version 1.3.2#

  • mloginfo: Add –connstats for connection duration metrics (#518)

Thanks to @nishantb10gen for contributions to this release!

version 1.3.1#

  • mlaunch: support SSL parameters (#127)

  • mlaunch: make 8th+ replica set members non-voting (#528)

  • convert README to reStructuredText (#523)

  • update metadata in (#520)

Thanks to @ajdavis, @kallimachos, @kevinadi, and @josefahmad for contributions to this release!

version 1.3.0#

  • remove support for Python 2.6 (#469):

  • deprecate support for End-of-Life versions of MongoDB (currently <3.0)

  • deprecate mgenerate in favor of mgeneratejs (#494)

  • add pip options to install/upgrade optional deps (PyMongo, numpy, …) (#450, #464)

  • log tools should check if the file passed is a valid log file (#429)

  • allow analysis of log files with ctime format (#428)

  • add support for find commands in query section & log event processing (#465)

  • util/ fixed incorrect timestamp processing (#490)

  • util/ support WriteResult counters like nModified, nInserted (#386)

  • util/ line 15 wrong indentation level (#478)

  • mlaunch: support on Windows! (#488)

  • mlaunch: when a mongod fails to start, print log messages to stderr (#361)

  • mlaunch: fix tests for compat with MongoDB 3.0+ (#192)

  • mlaunch: –help should mention it accepts arbitrary mongod/mongos flags (#356)

  • mlaunch: print error message for invalid options, rather than silently ignoring (#355)

  • mlaunch: –no-initial-user option for servers with auth (#487)

  • mlaunch: better error if –binarypath is wrong (#491)

  • mlaunch: changed default hostname to localhost (#510)

  • mlaunch: if unspecified, set wiredTigerCacheSizeGB to 1 (#517)

  • mlogfilter: error if invalid pattern provided (#483)

  • mlogfilter: calculate current year so rollover test will also work next year (#489)

  • mlogfilter: loops forever for some datetimes (#507)

  • mlogfilter: –component and –planSummary values should be case-insensitive (#505)

  • mloginfo: –queries should output progress to stderr (#255)

  • mplotqueries: add chart –type docsExamined/n (#509)

  • mplotqueries: default colors could be better (#453)

  • wiki: fix documentation mentioning “development mode” (#231)

Thanks to @kevinadi, @zhaoyi0113, @ajdavis, @geuscht-m, @TomerYakir, @devkev, and @stennie for contributions to this release!

version 1.2.3#

  • mlaunch: support for MongoDB 3.4 (#466)

  • mlaunch: MongoDB 3.3+ only supports CSRS for mongos –configdb parameter (#431)

  • mlaunch: CSRS feature breaks older configurations (#402)

  • mlaunch: improved parsing of the mongod version for RCs (#451)

  • mlaunch: New init –priority option forces first member primary

  • mlaunch: init & list now print username and password if auth enabled (#469)

  • mlaunch: –stop is now an alias of –kill to simplify auth shutdown (#363, #369, #333)

Thanks to @kevinadi, @Pash10g, @Steve-Hand, @vmenajr, and @ajdavis for contributions to this release!

version 1.2.2#

  • mgenerate: create operator for binary data (#405)

  • mlaunch: added csrs parameter if version > 3.3

  • mlaunch: Allow one node config server with –csrs and make the default be one node (#438)

  • mlaunch: added shardsrv parameter automatically (#430)

  • mlaunch: fixed auth not working for replica sets (#380)

  • mlaunch: Make sure that when CSRS is deployed, –arbiter will not have an affect on it (#418)

  • mlaunch: Allow –setParameter options (#445)

  • mloginfo: fixed showing the host in rsstate (#410)

  • mloginfo: fixed check for WT engine (#426)

version 1.2.1#

  • mlaunch: fix bug for CSRS feature that prevents older mlaunch configurations to start (#402)

version 1.2.0#

  • mlaunch: support config servers as replica sets (CSRS) (#399, #401)

  • mlaunch: fix various mlaunch list errors (#396)

  • fix log file testing errors (#393)

version 1.1.9#

  • mplotqueries: pin python-dateutil to version 2.2 because of problems with matplotlib (#377)

  • mplotqueries: fixed scaling issues with nscanned/n plots @devkev (#243, #379)

  • mlaunch: support for PyMongo 3.x @gormanb (#351)

  • better handling of invalid log lines due to line breaks @gianpaj (#375)

  • mloginfo: fixed bugs when reading from system.profile collection (#353)

  • mloginfo: includes geoNear commands in statistics (#344)

  • mgenerate: added more operators, like $concat, $normal, $zipf (#360)

  • fixed false positives in the test suite

version 1.1.8#

  • mloginfo: storage engine is now listed for log files (#330)

  • mplotqueries: x-axis bounds corrected when parsing multiple files (#322)

  • mlogfilter: truncated log lines (“too long …”) recognized and parsed as much as possible (#133)

  • better cross-platform script support, especially for windows users (#230)

  • logging components are updated to match final version of MongoDB 3.0 (#328, #327)

  • removed hard dependency on pymongo, only required if mlaunch is used (#337)

  • removed deprecated scripts like mlogversion, mlogdistinct (#336)

  • command in LogEvent is now always lowercase (#335)

  • LogEvent now has writeConflicts property (#334)

  • documented numpy minimum version 1.8.0 (#332)

version 1.1.7#

  • mtools now understands 2.8 style log format, with severity and components.  Added by @jimoleary (#269)

  • mlogfilter: added --command, --planSummary, --component and --level filters and allow multiple values for most filters (#239)

  • mloginfo: show host information and replica set name if available (#247)

  • mloginfo: added new section --rsinfo that prints replica set config information. Added by @jimoleary (#290)

  • mloginfo: now includes count and findAndModify commands in the statistics and adds operation column (#310)

  • mloginfo: version detection works for enterprise edition with SSL. Added by @gianpaj (#289)

  • mplotqueries: ability to adjust graphical properties of scatter plots, like opacity, marker size and edge. Added by @devkev (#309)

  • mlaunch: legacy mode for adding users with pymongo version < 2.5 (#221)

  • mlaunch: named shards now have correct name for single instances (#291)

  • mlaunch: list command was broken when other non-mtools instances were running. Added by @devkev (#297)

  • mlogvis: added options --no-browser and --out for mlogvis (#306)

version 1.1.6#

  • mlogfilter: --thread now also matches “connection accepted” lines for that connection (#218, #219)

  • mlogfilter: fixed bug that would print milliseconds in timestamp twice in 2.6 format for UTC timezone (#241)

  • mlaunch: allow overriding hostname for replica set setup (#256)

  • mlaunch: added a restart command (#253)

  • mlaunch: added --startup to list command to show all startup strings (#257)

  • mlaunch: aliased --verbose (now deprecated) as --tags (#257)

  • mloginfo: added --rsstate option to show all replica set state changes in log file. Added by @jimoleary (#228)

  • mloginfo: fixed issues with 95-percentile calculation. Added by @gianpaj (#238)

  • mloginfo: show host name and port if available (#247)

  • mloginfo: fixed bug where empty lines can’t be parsed (#213)

  • mloginfo: show milliseconds for start/end (#245)

  • mloginfo: made numpy dependency optional for mloginfo. Added by @brondsem (#216)

  • mplotqueries: option to write output to image file instead of interactive mode. Added by @dpercy (#266)

  • mplotqueries: show correct timezone for time axis (#274)

  • mplotqueries: added option to allow fixing y-axis to specific min/max values (#214)

version 1.1.5#

  • added workaround for compile errors with XCode 5.1 / clang 3.4 (#203)

  • mlaunch: fixed bug when using --binarypath and passing arguments through to mongod/mongos (#217)

  • mlaunch: fixed help text for default username and password (#207)

  • mlogfilter: “iso8601-local” timestamp format now working with --from and --to (#209)

  • mplotqueries: fixed bug where “0ms” lines couldn’t be plotted with durline plots (#208)

  • mgenerate: made it multi-threaded for performance boost (#204)

  • mgenerate: fixed bug when using custom port number (#217)

  • removed backward breaking total_seconds() from logevent parsing (#210)

version 1.1.4#

  • performance improvements for log parsing (#187)

  • mloginfo --queries section to aggregate queries (#131)

  • mplotqueries: scatter plots now show “duration triangles” on double-click (#201)

  • mplotqueries: a number of bug fixes and stability improvements (#183, #199, #198, #191, #184)

  • mlaunch: a different --binarypath can be specified with mlaunch start (#181)

  • mlaunch: general bug fixes and tests (#178, #179, #176)

  • mlogfilter: timezone bug fixed (#186)

  • added sort pattern parsing to LogEvent and added query pattern parsing for system.profile events (#200)

For all changes, see the closed issues tagged with milestone 1.1.4

version 1.1.3#

  • all tools can now read from system.profile collections as if it was a log file. Use this syntax as command line argument: “host:port/database.collection” (#164)

  • mtools now uses Travis CI for continuous integration testing

  • all log-parsing tools are now timezone aware. If no timezone is specified (all log files <= 2.4.x), then UTC is assumed (#174)

  • added new tool mgenerate to create structured randomized data for issue reproduction

  • mlaunch: Added a kill command to send SIGTERM or any other signal to all or a subset of instances (#168)

  • mlaunch: username + password is added for environments with --authentication. Configurable username, password, database, roles. Thanks, @sl33nyc (#156)

  • mlaunch: start command can receive new arguments to pass through to mongos/d, and a different --binarypath (#151)

  • mlaunch: now checks in advance if port range is free, and warns if not (#166)

  • mlaunch: --version was removed by accident in 1.1.2. It’s back now (#160)

  • mlogfilter: --thread, --namespace and --operation filters can now be combined arbitrarily (#167)

  • mlogfilter: bug fix for when no log file was specified at command line. Now outputs clean error message (#124)

  • mplotqueries: added a compatibility check for matplotlib version 1.1.1 for setting font size in legends (#128)

For all changes, see the closed issues tagged with milestone 1.1.3

version 1.1.2#

  • mlaunch: completely rewritten, is now aware of the launched environment, commands: init, start, stop, list (#148)

  • mlaunch: mongos nodes start at beginning of port range for easier access (#145)

  • mlaunch: always uses absolute paths for the data directory, which shows up in ps aux | grep mongo output (#143)

  • mlogfilter: added filter masks --mask errors.log to search for correlations around certain events (#138)

  • mplotqueries: log parsing performance improvements for most plots

  • mlogvis: log parsing performance improvements

  • all tools: replaced shebang with #!/usr/bin/env python, to support non-standard python installations

version 1.1.1#

  • mplotqueries: introduced a new type of plot “durline”, to visualize start and end of long-running operations

  • mplotqueries: use start times of operations that have a duration, rather than end time with --optime-start (#130)

  • mplotqueries: group by query pattern with --group pattern (#129)

  • mlaunch: allow more than 7 nodes, everyone above 7 is non-voting (#123)

  • mloginfo: fixed bug where anonymous Unix sockets can’t be parsed (#121)

version 1.1.0#

Simpler Structure#

Simplified tool structure. A lot of the mini-scripts have been combined. There are only 5 scripts left: mlogfilter, mloginfo, mplotqueries, mlogvis, mlaunch. No features have been cut, they are all still available within the 5 scripts, but may have moved.

New Features#


  • very fast binary search for time slicing

  • timestamp-format aware, can convert between formats

  • mlogmerge is now fully included into mlogfilter

  • can output in json format


  • mloginfo supports multiple files

  • now with info sections on restarts, connections, distinct log lines

  • shows progress bar during distinct log file parsing


  • can now group on arbitrary regular expressions

  • has a new group limits feature, to group all but the top x groups together

  • range plots support gaps

  • better color scheme

  • shows progress bar during log file parsing


  • support multiple mongos

And Many Bug Fixes#

For a full list of fixed issues, visit the github issue page of mtools.

version 1.0.5#

  • mplotqueries: included a new plot type ‘connchurn’ that shows opened vs. closed connections over time (#77, #74).

  • mplotqueries: removed redundant --type duration plot and set the default to --type scatter --yaxis duration.

  • mloginfo: new tool that summarizes log file information, including start/end time, version if present, and optionally restarts.

  • added nosetests infrastructure and first tests for mlaunch and mlogfilter (#39).

  • added internal LogFile class that offers helper methods around log files (#80).

  • fixed bug where mlogfilter --shorten was off by one character.

version 1.0.4#

  • mlogvis: fixed a bug displaying the data in the wrong time zone (#70).

  • mplotqueries: fixed bug where a plot’s argument sub-parser (e.g. for –bucketsize) couldn’t deal with stdin.

  • mplotqueries: fixed bug that caused crash when there was no data to plot (#68).

  • mlogfilter: fixed bug that prevented --from and --to to be used with stdin (#73).

  • fixed bug parsing durations of log lines that have a float instead of int value (like 123.45ms).

  • implemented ISO-8601 timestamp format parsing for upcoming change in MongoDB 2.6 (#76).

version 1.0.3#

  • mplotqueries: new plot types: “scatter” can plot various counters on the y-axis, “nscanned/n” plots inefficient queries (#58).

  • mplotqueries: added footnote (“created with mtools”) including version. Can be toggled on/off with ‘f’ (#33).

  • mplotqueries: added histogram plots (–type histogram) with variable bucket size (#25).

  • mplotqueries: always plot full range of log file on x-axis, even if data points start later or end earlier (#60).

  • mlogfilter: added human-readable option (–human) that inserts , in large numbers and calculates durations in hrs,min,sec. (#8).

  • mlogdistinct: improved log2code matching and cleaned up log2code match database.

version 1.0.2#

  • mlogvis: doesn’t require web server anymore. Data is directly stored in self-contained HTML file (#57).

  • mlogvis: when clicking reset, keep group selection, only reset zoom window (#56).

  • mlaunch: different directory name will no longer create a nested data folder (#54).

  • mlaunch: arguments unknown to mlaunch are checked against mongod and mongos and only passed on if they are accepted (#55).

  • mlaunch: now you can specify a path for the mongod and mongos binaries with –binarypath PATH (#46).

  • mlaunch: positional argument for directory name removed. directory name now requires --dir. default is ./data.

version 1.0.1#

  • fixed timezone bug in mlogmerge (#24)

  • allow for multiple mongos in mlaunch with --mongos NUM parameter (#30)

  • mlaunch can now take any additional single arguments (like -vvv or --notablescan) and pass it on to the mongod/s instances (#31)

  • all scripts now have --version flag (inherited from BaseCmdLineTool) (#34)

  • added --fast option to mlogfilter (#37)

  • mlogvis title added and legend height determined automatically (#45)

  • mlaunch now checks if port is available before trying to start and exits if port is already in use (#43)

  • improved mlogfilter --from / --to parsing, now supports sole relative arguments for both arguments, millisecond parsing, month-only filtering (#12).

  • restructured tools to derive from base class BaseCmdLineTool or LogFileTool

  • fixed bug in log line parsing when detecting duration at the end of a line

  • changed --log to --logscale argument for mplotqueries to avoid confusion with “log” files

  • added Contributing page under the tutorials section

version 1.0.0#

This is the first version of mtools that has a version number. Some significant changes to its unnumbered predecessor are:

  • installable via pip

  • directory re-organization: All tools are now located under mtools/mtools/. This makes for easier PYTHONPATH integration, which will now have to point to the actual mtools directory, and not to the parent directory anymore. This is more in line with other Python projects.

  • mlogvis tool added: a simplified version of mplotqueries that doesn’t require matplotlib dependency. Instead, it will run in a browser window, using d3.js for visualization. mlogvis is currently in BETA state.

  • introduced versioning: The version is stored in mtools/ and can be accessed programmatically from a Python shell with:

    import mtools